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Sri Lankan Law College Entrance Examination Requirements

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There is a criteria to get selected for Sri Lankan Law college entrance examination. 

Learn More here

Admissions  to the Law College
Admission Requirements for the entrance examination
That he has passed
(1)The Intermediate Examination in Arts or Science or Law or Economics or Engineering of the University of London or the Intermediate Examination in Public and Business Administration of the Vidyodaya University of Sri Lanka;
(2)The First Examination in Arts or Science or Law or Economics of any recognized University in The British Commonwealth.
(3)The Higher School Certificate Examination of Sri Lanka;
(4)The General Qualifying Examination in Arts or the General Qualifying Examination in Science of a University of Sri Lanka;
(5)The Degree of Bachelor of Labour Education, University of Colombo:
(6)The Executive Diploma in Business Administration Examination, University of Colombo
(7)The Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture of the University of Peradeniya; or
(8.)The National Diploma in Technology of the University of Ceylon Katubadde Campus;
(9)First Division of the Degree Examination of the Bachelor of Science (Hons) of the North Western Frontier Province Agricultural University, Peshawar;
(10)National Certificate in Business Studies conducted by the Polytechnical Institute Galle;
(11)Diploma of the Fox Chapel Area High School, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.,
(12)Diploma of the I.T.C. (International Institute for Aerial Survey and Earth Science) Netherlands;
(13)The Degree of Juris Doctor of Harward Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts;
(14)The First Examination in Commerce of any University in the Commonwealth recognized for the purpose of this rule;
(15)The VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) Examination of the Victorian University of Technology, Australia;
(16)The Higher School Certificate Examination of the Board of Secondary Education, "New South Wales"
(17)Diploma in Management (OUSL)
(18)Diploma in Public Management (USJP)
(19)Diploma in Commerce / Accountancy
(20)National Diploma in Technology
(21)General Arts/Science Qualifying Examinations
(22)Degree in Science / Commerce / Arts etc. (Local or foreign)
(23)Diploma in Law (University of London)
(24)Registered as 02nd Year student under Scheme B of the LL.B. (London) programme of University of London after passing three first year subjects.
(25)Passes in three subjects at one and the same sitting at the Sri Lanka General Certificate of Education (A/L) Examination under the new scheme. (i.e. August 2000 Examination and thereafter) However a person who has sat the above examination under the old scheme should have passed in four subjects at one and the same sitting.
(26)Credit passes in English Language AND Sinhala/Tamil Language at the G.C.E.(O/L) or N.C.G.E. Examination.
Other Qualifications accepted in lieu of Credit pass in English GCE O/L
A pass in English at First in Laws Examination conducted by University of Colombo 
A pass in Proficiency test in English conducted by University of Sri Lanka
Professional English Certificate conducted by The Open University of Sri Lanka.
Certificate in English & Higher Certificate in English awarded by The Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administrative (SLIDA)
Diploma in English awarded by Acquinas College.
Proficiency Examination in English conducted by University of Ruhuna.
Diploma in Advanced English for Administrative & Academic Purposes conducted by the University of Colombo.
English Qualifying test (More than 70 marks)  held by the Open University of Sri Lanka.
A pass English Language at The Certificate Examination in Modern Languages  conducted by the University of Kelaniya.
Proficiency  Examination in English conducted by the University of Kelaniya together with an Ordinary pass in English Language at the GCE O/L
Passed Compulsory English at the First Examination in Arts conducted by the University of Sri Jayawardenepura.
Any Degree in English medium.
Part I and Part II of the National Certificate in English (NC E) conducted by the Department of Examination.
NDT in English Medium.
Intermediate Examination of the Institute of Charted Accountants   of Sri Lanka in English Medium.
Diploma in English (one year) conducted by Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration (SLIDA)
Diploma in Advanced English conducted by the University of Kelaniya.
Entrance Examination
The Entrance Examination is scheduled to be held in August 2011.
The Brochure, the Application Form and the Course Book may be obtained from the College on payment of the requisite fee during the times specified in the Press advertisement announcing the acceptance of applications for the Entrance Examination. The Law College does not offer any courses to prepare students for the Entrance Examination.
Candidates shall be required to answer a paper titled "Background to the Law" 
[See (viii) below for the syllabus].
A candidate may elect to answer the paper in either Sinhala, Tamil or English.
Every application made under sub-paragraph (i) shall be in writing on a form provided for the purpose and shall be made on or before such date as may be determined by the Council to be the date of closing of applications, and shall be accompanied by a receipt in proof of payment of the appropriate Entrance Examination fee specified in the Brochure.
An applicant who is permitted to sit the Entrance Examination and becomes eligible to be selected for admission on the results obtained at such examination shall be so selected only upon adducing satisfactory documentary proof that he possesses the prescribed academic and other qualifications.
Candidates shall be selected for admission to the Sri Lanka Law College in the order of merit based on their performance at the Entrance Examination and the number of vacancies available as determined by the Council of Legal Education. provided no candidate who has obtained less than forty per-centum of the maximum marks shall be selected for admission.
The syllabus for the paper "Background to the Law" shall be:
Nature of Law - role and function of law in society.
Sources of Law - evaluation of the Legal system of Sri Lanka.
Constitution - a general knowledge of the main features of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and the powers and functions of the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary,
Current social - legal issues - including functions, training and skills required of a lawyer.
The time allotted for answering the paper shall be two hours

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